Our Firm presents the following models of legal services:

Constant legal assistance contract

The assistance takes place in the Clients premises, via weekly visits of our solicitor, as well as by phone calls and e-mail.

Such service consists of daily basis works regarding legal matters of the Client, including his inside corporate issues (corporate law, especially Code of Commercial Companies, followed by the motions to the National Cour Register, labour law and other, specific provisions of law). In legal matters regarding third parties, the service includes any areas of commercial law, contract law, civil law, intellectual property law and any provisions required by the Clients scope of activity. (construction and analysys of contrats and agreements, legal opinions).

This service includes also leading any court and administrative proceedings of the Client.

Offered service is constant and is provided regardless of the illnesses or absence of our lawyers. Our Firm assures substitution of lawyers.

The service includes consultations among a group of specialised Solicitors in order to provide comprehensive solutions to multidisciplinary problems and issues brought up by the Client.

Carrying on negotiations with Client's contractors as well as economical and legal consulting is also included into the service.

Legal consultation contract

The service is provided in our Firm office and relies on the regular meetings of the client with the regularly assisting solicitor.

This service includes consulting of the current legal issues interesting Client, as well as phone and e-mail consultation. Oral legal opinions and information regarding legal acts, contracts, rules and consulting regarding commercial and legal issues of the Client are also presented during the meetings.

Moreover, as the additional service, our Firm leads any court or administrative proceedings regarding our Client and his or her scope of activity.

Contract regarding assistance in a specific case

Form and rules of assistance provided on the basis of this agreement rely on the mutual agreement between the Client and our Firm. Such agreement obliges our Firm to perform prescribed activities: issue a legal opinion, create a document, construe a contract, assist in negotiation, or lead court or administrative proceedings in the Client's case.

Such service includes also constant phone and e-mail availability of case consulting for the Client.

Consulting, documents, analyses and meetings might be held by our Firm
in Polish, English or German.

Ways of remuneration

Our Firm presents payment arrangements adjusted to the Clients requirements:

Flat rate

Implementing a flat rate means that the set rate is not dependent on the number of hours billed by our Solicitor for the assistance for the Client, including also leading court or administrative proceeding in the Tricity region, which enables long-term collaboration with the possibility of budgeting the assets for the legal services in the forseeable, flat amount.

Hour rate

Hour rate is the result of set rate for each started hour of work performed by the Solicitor in the Clients case, and the number of said hours.

Mixed system

Mixed system allows to set a level of a flat rate, with the automatic switch to the hour rate, in case the limit of hours prescribed in the flat rate level is exceeded.

Specific arrangements of the remuneration are set by the Client and our Firm via negotiations prior to signature of any contract.